Firm History


Shortly before Scruggs, Carmichael & Wershow founder Sigsbee Scruggs blew out the candles on his 85th birthday cake, he stated that he was most proud of his no-nonsense approach to the practice of law. He zealously represented his clients with candor and professionalism. Sigsbee Scruggs, Parks Carmichael and James Wershow lived in a time before cell phones, voicemail, or extensive television advertising. They lived in a time when a person in need of an attorney trusted in and relied upon the reputation of that attorney in the community.

70 years later, we are proud to say that Scruggs, Carmichael & Wershow, P.A. has remained true to its founding principles. Most of our clients come to us through personal referrals from friends, clients, and other attorneys. Many of the attorneys at Scruggs, Carmichael & Wershow, P.A. have lived in Gainesville for most or all of their lives, and we take great pride in Gainesville and the University of Florida. Even the building our law firm inhabits reflects our firm’s stability and tradition. The Scruggs, Carmichael & Wershow downtown office remains in the same location as when the firm was founded, in the heart of downtown Gainesville, overlooking the Alachua County Courthouse.

With our tradition of stability comes a tradition of success. At Scruggs, Carmichael & Wershow, P.A. we know that great client service requires experience, insight, and personal attention. The size of our firm allows us to remain focused on the quality of the client’s experience. Before deciding on any course of action, we strive to understand each client’s goals, needs, and concerns. Only after developing a personalized relationship with the client do we utilize our knowledge of the community and years of legal experience to assemble the resources to tackle our clients’ legal challenges.